If you are a social work professionals, locum social worker or even just thinking of joining an agency for work; get in touch! We have some of the best and most exclusive opportunities for dedicated, hard-working social workers with competitive rates of pay across the UK.


We are always seeking individuals on the lookout for the following opportunities:

  • Newly Qualified Social Workers

  • Frontline Social Workers

  • Team Leaders

  • Service Manager


If you are a mental health professional, visit our Tripod Mind pages.


“Working in this capacity has provided me with a high amount of flexibility and an abundance of learning opportunities. I am an individual who thrives on developing projects and teams,”

Dee Kemp, locum social worker.


Our consultants are some of the most experienced and skilled agents in the country and have the expertise to find you the most suitable placement.


We aim to make things as simple as possible for you and keep you updated of developments and opportunities for locum social worker placements without bombarding you with calls.


Our social work team will:


  • Guide you through the recruitment process from your initial phone call

  • Ascertain your skills, experience, preferred areas of work and career aspirations to enable us to find the most suitable placement for you

  • Provide you with interview coaching and support

  • Keep you updated about opportunities and suitable placements

  • Provide pre and post-placement support

  • Keep in touch when you are settled in your placement to ensure you are happy in your role and to keep updated about your needs for your next move


Thinking about becoming a locum social worker? Find out more about locum working here.


We have the skills and expertise to find you the best placement where you can gain the skills you need and thrive.

Hundreds of locum social workers are coming to Tripod each week, join them and make the change for the better by calling 020 3096 5000 or emailing info@tripodpartners.co.uk.


Tripod Partners are proud sponsors of Locum Today, a fortnightly e-newsletter and online community which aims to provide a voice for the locum community and champion locum working. The free e-newsletter includes news, in-depth features, interviews, career advice, jobs and more every two weeks. For more information and to sign up visit www.locumtoday.co.uk

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“The challenges are by far outweighed by the opportunities. I thought independent work would be a temporary spell but after 14 years I’ve come to the conclusion that getting a ‘proper’ or ‘permanent’ job is not going to happen. I have never regretted it, I love what I do.”

Gillian Leake, Independent Social Worker and Locum Social Worker.


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